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ISRAEL Is Real with 12 Tribes Scroll ~ Rom 11:1~2  


The message behind this shirt is the TRUTH that The Children of ISRAEL does still exist, they are NOT done away with... as the world likes to push. 


Plz use the second pic to understand and describe the details of your shirt design selection. Bullion Fringes (bullion) will coordinate with 1st color noted. The "Primary" color that you pick, will be the "Shirt Fabric" color. If no 1st and 2nd color selection is noted, it will be up to the designers discretion. Do NOT make #1 and #2 the same color selection!

Color Options: Red, White, Black, Gold, Royal Blue or Navy Blue


*For Larger Sizes, Please Contact Me Privately.

ISRAEL Is Real with 12 Tribes Scroll

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