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Family Love!

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SHOUTOUTS To... SisRere!!!

Check The Gear!!!

Wardrobe Design By Sis Rere

Check The Gear!!!

Bro Ron Shields 

(Divine Prospect) 

10 Commandment Beaded Leather Medallion By Sis Rere

Bro Ron Shields Ten Commandments Medallion Rise Israel Power First
Boxing Garment Marcus Finch
Boxing Garment Marcus Finch
Boxing Garment 1
Brother Marcus Finch Boxing Match With Boxing Garment By Sister Rere

Shout out to Sis Rere for the war attire!!! Thank you sis, all praises to The Most High we were the lights and created questions for people to tell them about the truth of the Heavenly Father and us.
~ Ahch Marcus Finch

Check The Gear!!!

Wardrobe Design By Sis Rere

Brandon T Jackson with Sister Rere Leather Wrist Cuff BET Awards
Brandon T Jackson Mitres By Sister Rere
Brandon T Jackson wearing Sister Rere Custom Mitre

Check The Gear!!!

Actor & Comedian

Ahch Brandon T Jackson's

Custom Leather Wrist Cuff  &Mitres Designed By Sis Rere

Hebrew Garments Brothers Wearing Sister Rere Gear
Devonte Evans Wearing Sister Rere Custom Gear

Old Childhood Friend Of 25+ yrs 

Atlanta, GA

For This YearsUpcoming Event,

Be Sure To Visit 

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Check The Gear!!!

Custom Leather Medallions

By Sis Rere

We Got Next School Wearing Sister Rere Custom Ephod Israelite
Sister Rere Motherland Africa Medallion


More Reviews Can Be Seen On My FB Design Pg & Etsy Store

Thanks for all you do sis 

Praise Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh

Queen Mclaurin


I absolutely LOVVVVEE my Hebrew gear.. Sis Rere puts so much love in her craft. Each item I get.. I fall in love! She's not only reasonably priced, but each item is custom made by hand! I'm definitely a lifetime customer! All Praises to TMH! Proverbs 31:19-21

Ahchwath Malakah Shal Tazayawan


It fits my bible so perfect. It looks even better in person.. I love it! ~Kellz

Ahchwath Amira Israel (Kellz)

Ont, Canada

Thawadah! Definitely have a returning customer... and recommendations to all I know... More orders made me so happy... you jus dnt know!

Ahch Eliyah Yisrael


Thank you Sis Rere!! We love our products your made for us. We can't wait to place our leather order with you. And thank you for the recommendation of the new Cambridge Bible with Apocrypha my husband and I love this bible!!

Ahchwath Brooke Stewart-Hardin


I cant even put into words about the high quality of Sis Rere's work. If there is ANYTHING You need to get made for your "Hebrew" needs call on Sis Rere !! QAM YASHARAHLA !!

Ahch Stacy Adams


Thawadah Sis Rere for my items. I love them! May TMH continue to bless you with your talent! I will be making more purchases in the future. ~ Ahchwath Brittney

Ahchwath Brittney Taylor


Thawadah Sis Rere  for hooking your Ahch up... Shalawam Family

Ahch Racham Yasharahla


Got my order today from Sis Rere, and my items are AWESOME!!!!! Loving my products from Custom Designs by Sis Rere!! Achwath Rere, Ahayah Ashar Ahaya barak ahtah. 

Ahch Williams Speaks


I have shopped with Sis Rere a couple of times and I must say that I was always pleased with the products and they were just what I wanted... The craftsmanship is excellent and extremely durable... Everywhere I went I got compliments on my accessories and everyone wanted to know what was behind the meaning of them... I will definitely shop with Sis Rere again and would recommend anyone to her fast and friendly service... Shop with the sis... She knows what she's doing and you're going to look fly rocking Ahayah's name... Shalawam family...

Ahch Jeremiah Bell


Look what I got in the mail today it is absolutely gorgeous thank you too sister Sis Rere absolutely gorgeous it fits like a glove may the most high bless you sister I love love love it

Ahchwath Ana Morales


Incredible service and the leather work is Bar-none!!! the best I've seen outta GA. Do no hesitate, give some ideas and watch her work!



Ahch Matthew Lewis


Shalawam ..Sister rere is extremely talented and blessed with the skill of art by the most high and I ordered my 1st bible cover from her and I love it...Finna order sum garments from her our ahchwath RE RE

Ahch Shayan Snoopy Yasharahla

Ont, Canada

If you haven't shopped with ahchwathya rere, you slipping! Check her out brews, anything you could possibly fathom she got. Shalawam.

Ahch Justin AhrayaShal YasharahlaJones


<~ Click the pic  to view the video !

Ahch Mahalaleel Qatazap Ahraya Yahawada


Sis is talented! All praises to TMH! Great quality and work is fantastic!

Ahchwath Bridgette Parker


We love your work Sis!!!!! ~ Chaakam


Thawadah Sis Rere Mc B for this beautiful outfit you are so talented!!! ~ Yapah 

Ahch Chaakam & Ahchwath Yapah Malakah


Sis Rere made my wrist cuff and mitre. I love them. Barak ahtha sis. 

Ahch Kashar


Sis is official..she is professional, I love her work!!!!

Ahch Antonio Rucker


<~ Click the pic  to view the video !!!!!

Ahch & Ahchwath Johnson


The quality of design shines through in every hand-crafted piece Sis Rere creates---creativity and artistry given to her by The Most High---simply brilliant!!!

Ahchwath Raah Malakah


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