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White Fringed Poncho w Large Oversized Front Pocket


100% Cotton ~ Woven

* Imported Fabric: Hand Woven Cotton ~ When you place your order, I immediately order the fabric of your choice... and because this fabric is IMPORTED, additional time will be required so you MUST exercise patience as I MUST await its delivery and clearance through Customs before I receive it and am able to craft it for you…. item can take approx 4 to 6 wks receive but you will be received. If you don’t have the patients to await the process please do not order. Material is ordered through an outsourced supplier, who inventory can change without notice to me... in which case, if the fabric you picked isnt available, I will inform you of such so that you can make a new selection.


*Fringes Made From The Same Fabric As The Poncho Requires An Additional 4+ Hours Of Laboring/Crafting, Therefore Is An Additional Cost For That Labor As Indicated In The Pricing Difference.


* Design Style May Have Minor Variation As All Work Is Done Free Hand

White Fringed Poncho w Large Oversized Front Pocket

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